New Sumer Popcorn Flavors - Cotton Candy

After much trial and error we have created a new summer popcorn flavor.  Our newest gourmet popcorn flavor is Cotton Candy popcorn.  This bright pink and blue gourmet popcorn is a fun snack to have on hand for get togethers or just as a treat.

Like all of our unique flavors this was invented and made here at Abe's Gourmet Popcorn Shop in downtown Belleville IL.  We wanted a popcorn that reminded you of the rainbow popcorn we spin and package here at Abe's to sell here and the Lincoln Theatre.  We picked two of our most popular cotton candy flavors, Pink and Blue, to model our popcorn after.  Our Cotton Candy popcorn not only resembles our cotton candy fluff we make right here at Abe's it also has the flavor of the cotton candy.  We hope you enjoy eating this fun popcorn as much as had in the creation of this new flavor.  

Cotton Candy Popcorn is available at our popcorn store in downtown Belleville Il, have it delivered locally with DoorDash or ship it to friends thru our website.