Gourmet Popcorn Flavor List

Gourmet Popcorn Flavors

At Abe's Gourmet Popcorn we pride ourselves on quality.  Customizing your popcorn order to stand out at your event is our specialty.  From complimenting your wedding colors or your teams colors we will help you make your event special with customized popcorn flavors.  We can even make personized labels for larger orders.  Call our popcorn store and we will help make your event special with gourmet popcorn.  (618)233-9010

We make a large selection of gourmet popcorn flavors at Abe's (over 70).  Listed below are our popular popcorn flavors carried year round at our popcorn store and some seasonal ones too .  We can ship your gourmet popcorn order in a gift box to friends and family or as a bulk shipment to your party.  If you live in the St Louis metro area we invite you to visit our popcorn store in Downtown Belleville IL to browse all the gourmet popcorn flavors we are making fresh for you. But don't worry we can help you with your event outside of our area too.  If you desire us to customize a gift box with a popcorn flavor not offered on the selection please call us to confirm we can substitute 1(618)233-9010 or email abesorder@gmail.com.  

  • Our popcorn is shipped in resealable bags approximately 2 quarts in size.
  • We pop with GMO free kernels and coconut oil for the best popped kernels.


Classic Gourmet Popcorns

Picture of Caramel popcorn in a bowl Caramel Corn - Our scratch made caramel popcorn delights your taste buds and ends with a big buttery finish 
Picture of Caramel popcorn in a bowl Salted Caramel Corn - Our scratch made caramel popcorn enhanced with extra salt to bring out a bolder caramel taste.
Picture of Cheddar popcorn in a bowl Cheddar - classic yellow cheddar popcorn with a flavorful cheese taste.  Made from cheese paste not cheese powder
picture of white cheddar in a bowl White Cheddar - a creamy white cheddar popcorn made with cheese past not cheese powder.
Jalapeno White Cheddar Popcorn in a bowl Jalapeno White Cheddar - our creamy white cheddar popcorn with jalapeno spice to give it just the right spice.
Abe's Mix popcorn (caramel and Cheddar) in a bowl Abe’s Mix – Our caramel corn and classic cheddar popcorn blended in one bag.

Abe’s Overload – Our caramel, classic cheddar, and white cheddar popcorns blended in one bag.  This is great for those who want a little caramel with their cheddar.

Picture of Belleville Blend Popcorn in a bowl Belleville Blend – Our caramel and Jalapeño White Cheddar popcorns blended.  The jalapeno has the perfect spice to make this uniquely different from the classic cheddar/caramel blend and provides a sharp contrast to the sweet caramel popcorn.
Picture of Cheddar Overload popcorn in a bowl Cheddar Overload - a combination of our classic yellow cheddar and our creamy white cheddar popcorns blended in one bag.
Mermaid - Our purple(grape) blue(blue raspberry) and white(vanilla) candy popcorns blended to make mermaid type colors with a candied great taste.
Picture of Rainbow popcorn in a bowl

Rainbow – Beautiful colored popcorns with each one tasting like its color.  Flavors include Cherry, Banana, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Orange, and Grape.

** Please note we can do any single flavor in the rainbow as a solid flavor bag. 

picture of hot cheddar popcorn in a bowl Hot Cheddar – Classic cheddar popcorn with a secret hot sauce that you have to wait for before saying it's not hot.
picture of hot cheddar popcorn in a bowl Chipotle Cheddar – Hot Cheddar with Chipotle makes this a full mouth hot mess of popcorn.
Ball Park Nacho - a classic yellow cheddar jalapeño combination on popcorn reminds you of those famish ball park nachos.  
Bacon Cheddar - Our traditional cheddar popcorn with the taste of bacon.  Who doesn't love bacon and cheese?
Dill Pickle popcorn in a bowl Dill Pickle – If you love dill pickle chips you will love our Dill flavor popcorn. Don't believe then try some for yourself
Cotton Candy Popcorn Cotton Candy – Bright pink and blue popcorn looks and tastes like cotton candy but on popcorn.  This is an original flavor mix here at Abe's Gourmet Popcorn.
Sour Apple  – Bright green apple popcorn made sour with our own process will perk up your mouth.  Sour Apple Popcorn is an original flavor mix here at Abe's Gourmet Popcorn
Blue Pucker - Bright blue raspberry popcorn soured in our secret process makes you pucker but watch out your tong might be blue when you are done.   Blue Pucker Popcorn is an original sour popcorn flavor made exclusivly here at Abe's Gourmet Popcorn
Birthday Cake - A great party treat.  Cake flavor popcorn with blue and Red Sprinkles.  

Cinnamon Bun - Yes its crunchy as a popcorn treat should be but it tastes like your favorite cinnamon bun treat.  

Chocolate Drizzle Popcorns

Picture of chocolate covered popcorn in a bowl Choc Caramel - Our scratch made Caramel popcorn with dark chocolate drizzle 
Picture of chocolate covered popcorn in a bowl Choc Salted Caramel - Scratch made Salted Caramel popcorn with a dark chocolate drizzle
Cinnamon Roll - It's an iced cinnamon bun but as a popcorn flavor. There's not much else can we add.

Peaches & Cream – Our caramel corn with peach infused white chocolate drizzle.

Frosted Cup Cake - Our Bday cake popcorn with a layer of white chocolate for icing 

Premium Chocolates

picture of black tie popcorn in a bowl Black Tie - Our scratch made Caramel popcorn with dark and white chocolate drizzle, this is one of our top selling popcorn flavors.
Chocolate Peanut Butter - Our caramel corn with dark chocolate and peanut butter candy drizzle
Silver Bells popcorn in a bowl Wedding Bells – beautiful as it is tasty - a premium flavor chocolate covered vanilla popcorn which makes you think you are eating a marshmallow with sparkles.

Fall Seasonal Popcorn flavors

Caramel Apple Popcorn in a bowl Caramel Apple - This Shrek colored popcorn combines our caramel and green apple popcorn flavors so well you will be surprised it's popcorn.
Caramel Apple Sucker - NEW in 2021 this popcorn combines our caramel popcorn and sour apple popcorn at just the right mixture to not let the sour apple popcorn overwhelm the caramel popcorn
Pumpkin Spice - Just the right amount of pumpkin spice makes this caramel corn a favorite fall popcorn snack
Witches Brew Popcorn

Witches Brew - Orange(Orange), Green(green Apple) and Black(vanilla) flavored candied popcorn kernels make a delightful Halloween looking snack and it’s flavors blend well together

Winter Seasonal Popcorn flavors

Picture of chocolate covered popcorn in a bowl Mint Cookie - Close your eyes and taste that mint cookie we all love only with the crunch of gourmet popcorn
Winter Mix popcorn in a bowl Winter Mix – Caramel popcorn covered with white chocolate, Crasins and winter sprinkles.
Sweetheart popcorn in a bowl

Sweetheart – White(vanilla) & Red (strawberry) popcorn drizzled in white chocolate and pink glitter.  Tastes great and makes your mouth sparkle.

Christmas seasonal Popcorn flavors

Christmas Blend Popcorn picture Christmas Blend - a classic Christmas colors featuring Red(Cherry), Green(Green Apple) and White(Vanilla) flavored candied popcorns
Santa Mix in a bowl Santa's Mix - a premium chocolate covered caramel corn that makes you think of Santa stirring his hot coco with a peppermint stick.
Silver Bells popcorn in a bowl Silver Bells – beautiful as it is tasty - a premium flavor chocolate covered vanilla popcorn which makes you think you are eating a marshmallow with sparkles.
Gustave Popcorn in a bowl Gustav – a colorful blend of Caramel, Green Apple, and Cherry flavored candied popcorns