About US

Abe's gourmet Popcorn Shop is located in Belleville IL in the corner of the Lincoln Theatre building.  For many years we heard our customers at the Lincoln Theatre comment that we have the best popcorn at the Lincoln Theatre in Belleville IL, we decided to expand into gourmet popcorn flavors like Caramel popcorns and Cheddar popcorns. We even have savories like Dill Pickle popcorn and we make popcorn cakes.  Yes your heard right Popcorn Cakes.

Abe's honestly has the best popcorn because we use the best ingredients.  It starts with GMO free popcorn kernels, coconut oil, real vanilla, sugar, and premium chocolates.  At Abe's we make our gourmet popcorns in small batches with extra care.  Our caramel corn recipe was created through collaborating with several of our friends until we finally had a caramel popcorn that explodes with flavor and finishes big and buttery.

At Abe's we love to customize orders to make your event special.  We can help you with popcorn snacks for home or fill up your popcorn bar at weddings or parties.  With our large selection of popcorn flavors and colors we can compliment your event with your wedding or team colors.  For large orders we can even customize labels for your gourmet popcorn bags.  Gourmet popcorn is a tasty snack that will surprise and delight your guests especially when it is themed for your event.  We have even customized some popcorns specifically for customers to sell as their restaurants or bars. 

Abe's Gourmet Popcorn Shop is part of Lincoln Theatre Inc. a family owned business.  Abe's popcorn store is Located at 101 E. Main St, Belleville IL on the sweetest corner in Belleville IL.

Ph: (618)233-9010   Email: abesorder@gmail.com  

Outside Front of Abe's Gourmet Popcorn store. 101 E Main St Belleville Il 62220