Sour Apple #3; an adventure into sour popcorn

Sour Popcorn?  Yes, we wanted to create sour candied popcorn.  We thought apple was the perfect base flavor to start our experiments into sour popcorn.  Our journey took us down an interesting path meeting new people in different food industries on our quest to produce sour popcorn.

Finally, the day came to create our batches of sour popcorn.  We popped the popcorn kernels, gathered the ingredients, and readied the equipment.  We then blended up the sour mixture and started to test our batches.  It wasn’t as easy as we thought.

We were confident that our plan would create the perfect sour popcorn on our first attempt.  After a few batches and missing the mark, we finally got the taste that we wanted.  Then we presented 4 sour popcorn options to friends who love sour candies.  The verdict was batch #1 and #2 had a good color but a bad after taste.  Batch #3 was sour and #4 was sour but too sweet.  It was settled then.  Batch #3 had the best sour flavor pieces of popcorn on the market.  The perfect balance of sour and candy flavors mixed in one delicious creation of sour popcorn was what we called Sour Apple #3, or just Sour Apple sour popcorn. 

Our quest for perfection brought us to a great place, a place where everyone who eats our sour popcorn, Sour Apple #3, will know that this is sour, like candy without the candy taste because it is popcorn.  Now that we have the secret to sour popcorn, Sour Apple will be just the start of our sour popcorn flavor offerings. Next up Blue Pucker, a sour blue raspberry popcorn.  

We invite you to visit our popcorn store in Belleville IL to enjoy a taste or order some online to ship wherever you are in the US.