Inside of a gift box containing 4 bags of different flavors of gourmet popcorn.

Create Your Own 4 Pack Popcorn Sampler

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This 4 bag gourmet popcorn sampler comes with a bag of Caramel corn and  your choice of 3 bags of classic popcorn from our large selection.  We have provided selections of our most popular popcorn flavors for you to choose from.  If you want a flavor not listed here please call (618)233-9010 or message us and we will tell you if it is available and how to complete your order.

What you get: 

1 - Caramel Corn - Our scratch made caramel corn delights your taste buds with a big buttery finish.

Select 3 more bags from our suggestions or call for more flavors

Salted Caramel Corn - Our scratch made caramel popcorn enhanced with extra salt to bring out a bolder caramel taste.

Cheddar - a bold classic yellow cheddar popcorn

White Cheddar - a creamy white cheddar popcorn

Abe’s Mix – Our caramel corn and classic cheddar popcorn blended in one bag.

Belleville Blend – Our caramel corn and Jalapeño White Cheddar popcorn blended.  It has the perfect spice to make this uniquely different from the classic cheddar/caramel blend.

Abe’s Overload – Our caramel corn, classic cheddar, and white cheddar popcorns blended in one bag for those who want a little caramel with their cheddar.

Cheddar Overload - a combination of our classic yellow cheddar and our creamy white cheddar popcorns

Rainbow – Beautiful colors with each one tasting like its color.  Flavors include Cherry, Banana, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Orange, and Grape popcorns

packed with crinkle paper and wrapped in tissue paper to make opening an experience.