contents of Sweetheart gift box: 1 bag Cheddar Overload popcorn, 1 bag of Sweetheart popcorn and 1 bag of chocolate peanut butter popcorn


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Be sweet this valentine season with this colorful and sweet popcorn gift box.  This gift box has 1 bag of Sweetheart popcorn with your choice of a premium chocolate and a classic gourmet popcorn. Need a different gourmet popcorn flavor than what you see?  Please call our store to customize your box even more 618-233-9010

Gift Box Contents:

Sweetheart – White(vanilla) & Red (strawberry) drizzled in chocolate and pink glitter.

Choice of 1 premium chocolate popcorn:

  • Black Tie - Our scratch made Caramel Corn with dark and white chocolate drizzle.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter - Our caramel corn with dark chocolate and peanut butter candy drizzle

Choice of 1 classic cheddar based gourmet popcorn:

  • Cheddar Overload - a combination of our classic yellow cheddar and our creamy white cheddar popcorns
  • Abe’s Mix – Our caramel corn and classic cheddar popcorns blended in one bag.

  • Abe’s Overload – Our caramel corn, classic cheddar, and white cheddar popcorns blended in one bag for those who want a little caramel with their cheddar

  • Belleville Blend – Our caramel corn and Jalapeño White Cheddar popcorns blended.  It has the perfect spice to make this uniquely different from the classic cheddar/caramel blend.

  • Cheddar - classic yellow cheddar popcorn

  • White Cheddar - a creamy white cheddar popcorn

  • Jalapeno White Cheddar - our creamy white cheddar with jalapeno spice

  • Chipotle Cheddar – Hot Cheddar with Chipotle makes this a full mouth spicy experience!

  • Hot Cheddar – Classic cheddar popcorn with a secret hot sauce that you have to wait for before saying it’s not hot.